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Key Agent Agreement & Terms of Service


These Terms of Service are in addition to The Kingdom Trust Company’s (Kingdom Trust) general Terms, which may be found on this page under Terms & Disclosures:

  1. Kingdom Trust has agreed with Vault/Wallet Provider, to serve as a Key Agent in its multi-signature wallet structure. As such, when required, Kingdom will provide signatures necessary to complete transfers of your crypto assets.
  2. In this structure, a set number of private keys will be required to complete a transfer of a particular crypto asset. Kingdom Trust will hold one of those private keys. Please note that Kingdom Trust will not have the ability to transfer these assets unilaterally. It can only do so in conjunction with you or another authorized Key Agent and then, only with a verified direction to execute.
  3. By clicking on the button below, you agree to allow Kingdom Trust to act as a Key Agent for your account. Kingdom Trust will be acting as your agent and your agent alone.
  4. In its capacity as a Key Agent, Kingdom Trust will be required to perform its standard “Know Your Customer” due diligence on you and on any wallet to which you are transferring assets to or from. To perform that due diligence, Vault/Wallet Provider will be sharing certain personally identifiable information that you have provided to your Vault/Wallet Provider with Kingdom Trust. Kingdom Trust will be using that information solely for verification purposes, initially to verify your identity and also to verify that any Signing Request has come from you, or someone authorized to provide a Signing Request.
  5. Kingdom Trust may act upon any instructions it determines, in its sole discretion and in good faith, in accordance with its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), as a valid Signing Request. Note that Kingdom Trust’s SOP may be different than any other Key Agent you may utilize.
  6. Kingdom Trust may refuse to act upon any instructions where Kingdom Trust determines, in its sole discretion and in good faith, that it believes in not valid, not properly authorized or violates any applicable law or regulation.
  7. Kingdom Trust will review all Signing Requests in a commercially reasonable manner and time frame during Kingdom Trust’s normal business hours.
  8. Kingdom Trust does not guarantee a specific processing time and shall not be held liable for Signing Requests that are not completed in a timely manner due to circumstances beyond its control or where it is unable to verify the authenticity of a Signing Request.
  9. To promote greater security and verification, Kingdom trust will issue you a pin number at the onset of this relationship. Along with other verification processes, Kingdom will ask you for this number with every transaction.
  10. You will indemnify and hold Kingdom Trust, its employees, officers, directors, agents, successors and assigns harmless from any and all losses and other consequences derived from any approval, disapproval or implementation, undertaken in compliance with the procedures outlined in these terms and, including but not limited to any claim, liability, suit, judgment, loss, damage, expense, fee or cost whatsoever.

TKTC Last Updated: 10/24/2023