Transaction & Service fees³

Trades placed through the Choice app⁴

Digital assets – trade size Fee (per trade) 
Under $50 $0.99
$50 – $99.99 $1.49
$100 – $249,999.99 1.49%
$250,000 – $499,999.99 1.25%
$500,000+  1.00%
Public securities Fee (per trade)
All tradable securities  $0.005 per share
($1 per trade minimum)

Other transactions

Precious metals / Perth Mint purchase, sale or exchange $40 per request
Real estate purchase or sale $300
Expense or loan payment $15 per request
Alternative asset⁵ purchase, liquidation, sale or subscription $95 per request
Special handling fee⁶ $95 per request


Deposit, transfer or incoming wire $0
Distribution (ACH) $0
Distribution (check) $10 per request
Distribution (wire) $45 per request
Paper application fee $60
Outgoing wire transfers $45 domestic / $85 international
Special handling fee⁶  $95 per request
Same-day processing request⁷ $180 per request
Miscellaneous activity or research  $180 per hour
(1 hour minimum)
“Hold Your Own Keys” trust setup  $625
Paper invoices or statements $30 per year
Transfer out⁸  $100 per asset (including cash)


Annual metals storage fees

Brinks Global Services

Non-segregated storage
Holdings valued up to $250,000 $160
Holdings valued over $250,000 $1 per $1,000 in metals
(e.g. $300,000 of metals = $300 storage fee)
Segregated storage
Holdings valued up to $250,000 $220
Holdings valued over $250,000 $2 per $1,000 in metals
(e.g. $300,000 of metals = $600 storage fee)

Delaware Depository

Non-segregated storage $125
Segregated storage (gold only) $290

International Depository Services (IDS)

Non-segregated storage $160
Segregated storage (gold only) $320

Texas Precious Metals Depository

Segregated storage
Holdings valued up to $95,000 $250
Holdings valued over $95,000 0.25% of holdings value
(e.g. $300,000 of metals = $750 storage fee)
Fee schedule name: Service & Transaction fees 2022 Last updated: July 2022

¹ Holding Fees are charged monthly, and may be paid via credit card, ACH or from available cash in the account (there must be adequate cash in the account to cover the charge).
² Holding Fees for Digital Assets are calculated in arrears as 0.083% monthly based on the average account balance held the previous month, and may also be pulled from liquid digital holdings, if requested. Fees are not prorated.
³ Transaction and Service Fees are not prorated and are charged as they are incurred upon each occurrence. These fees may be charged to a credit card or paid from available cash in the account (there must be adequate cash in the account to cover the charge). For an asset purchase, if you request the fees to be paid from available cash and the account’s available cash is insufficient to cover the charge, Digital Trust reserves the right, at its discretion, to reduce the amount sent for the investment by the fee amount due.
Equity and public security trades placed through the Choice app incur an additional $0.005 per share fee charged by Interactive Brokers ($1 minimum per trade). Equities traded in foreign markets may require a higher processing fee. If buying corporate CDs, municipal bonds or treasuries, additional fees may apply.
Alternative assets include land trusts, private equity, hedge funds, private debt, P2P and marketplace lending, crowdfunding, non-publicly traded securities, foreign currency, brokerage accounts, tax liens, rights and warrants, livestock, etc. This list is not exhaustive, and applies to all non-publicly traded assets unless noted specifically otherwise.
Special handling fees include but may not be limited to the following: cashier’s check, certified mail, conversions, credit card chargebacks, credit card declines, document reprints, domestic and international overnight mail, exchanges, in-kind contributions or distributions (excluding digital assets contributions to Choice “Hold Your Keys” trusts), in-kind digital asset transfers, late asset valuation, late payment, medallion signature guarantee, overdraft, payment missing details, recharacterization, redemption or tender offer, reregistration, returned/rejected check, returned mail/locator service (undeliverable mail), rush requests, stop payment, tax form reprocessing, wire or ACH return. Rush requests will ensure processing within 2-3 business days from receipt of paperwork in good order. In-kind contributions of digital assets are not available for IRA holders. Late Asset Valuation Fees are charged if the request for annual valuation is not received by the required deadline. Overnight and international mail may incur additional fees depending the cost to Digital Trust. You may also incur this charge for account reopening due to Account Holder error (if notified within a month of account closing).
Same-day guarantees must be requested by 10:00 a.m. Central, with all paperwork in good order, to ensure same-day processing.
Transfer Out Fees are charged at the time of processing. Please ensure you have sufficient cash in the account or have authorized payment via credit card to cover the fee. Outgoing in-kind transfers may incur additional Special Handling fees. Digital Trust is not obligated to transfer in-kind digital assets and considers these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Information

  • Accounts that hold illiquid alternative assets are required to maintain a valid payment method on file or minimum cash balance.
  • Digital Trust may receive compensation in the form of 12b-1 fees and other types of fees from certain investments or their affiliates in consideration of services that it provides to the asset. This compensation will be paid to Digital Trust based on a service agreement between that entity and Digital Trust. In no case will the Account Holder be responsible for the payment of this compensation. The compensation paid to Digital Trust will be based on either a set rate per Account Holder or based on a percentage of the average daily net asset value of shares invested.
  • Should fees go unpaid, Digital Trust reserves the right to liquidate any assets, without notice, for the outstanding balance.
  • Digital Trust reserves the right to charge additional amounts for certain requests.
  • All fees are subject to change with 30 days’ written notice.